About Me

This is not a typically active music blog. It’s a place for me to store my thoughts about the music I listen to.

I’ll write mostly about things I like – songs or albums I’ve been digging on, an underappreciated something-or-other, a reflection piece for a recently passed legend. If I see a live show, there’s a decent chance I’ll review it. I grew up on new wave and post-punk music, but often I’ll tackle something from before my time: ’60s rock, pop and soul never ceases to amaze, and the Great American Songbook is the zenith of craft-on-demand.

Also: I buy a lot of new music and feel an obligation to share my findings. Mostly that’s because I get my record-buying tips through someone else’s labour, and I’m just returning the favour. The reviews aren’t meant to be comprehensive: I figure you’ve already read about a record somewhere else and I’m just sharing my impressions. I’ll make no attempt to be current; it may take me months to get around to playing something.

Hope your visit’s pleasantly diverting.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello! Ever come south of the border? The Buffalo area has some sweet free shows coming — Psychedelic Furs this Saturday (7/16) and B-52’s on Aug 5th! Schedule: http://artvoice.com/issues/v10n22/sg_concerts
    Pixies are coming to Rochester in Novemeber, but I can’t imagine my beloved city has ever had a show that a Torontonian couldn’t see at home. Ah well. Do let me know if you’re ever in the area — we’ve got some gems here, and we’re very kid-friendly. Great blog! — Kate

  2. Not sure where to leave general notes, but just letting you know that Mark Burgess (Chameleons UK) will be coming to Rochester as “ChameleonsVox,” Monday, November 21, at Water St Music Hall. Perfect for autumn!

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